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Fan Chung was born on October 9, in Kaohsiung , Taiwan. Under the influence of her father, an engineer, she became interested in mathematics, especially in the area of combinatorics in high school in Kaohsiung. While Chung was an undergraduate, she was surrounded by many female mathematicians, and this helped encourage her to pursue and study mathematics.

After graduating from NTU with a B.

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There she obtained the highest score in the qualifying exam by a wide margin, catching the attention of Herbert Wilf , who would eventually become her doctoral advisor. Wilf suggested Ramsey theory as a subject Chung could work on. During a single week studying material Chung had come up with new proofs for established results in the field. Wilf said: "My eyes were bulging. I was very excited.

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I asked her to go to the blackboard and show me. What she wrote was incredible! In just one week, from a cold start, she had a major result in Ramsey theory. I told her she had just done two-thirds of a doctoral dissertation.

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Chung was awarded a M. By this time, she was married and had already given birth to her first child. The same year she received her Ph. The position at Bell Laboratories was an opportunity to work with other excellent mathematicians, but also it contributed to her mathematical world powerfully.

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She published many impressive mathematical papers and published many joint papers with Ron Graham. After twenty years of work at Bell Laboratories and Bellcore , Chung decided to go back University of Pennsylvania to become a professor of mathematics. To date, she has over publications to her name. Spectral Graph Theory studies how the spectrum of the Laplacian of a graph is related to its combinatorial properties.

Beyond her contributions to graph theory, Chung has used her knowledge to connect different fields of science. As she wrote in "Graph Theory in the Information Age" ,. Chung's life was profiled in the documentary film Girls who fell in love with Math. She worked under Henry Pollak. During this time, Chung collaborated with many leading mathematicians who work for Bell Laboratories such as Ron Graham.

A History of Spectral Graph Theory and its Applications, Part I

In the Bell Telephone Company was split up. Since Pollak joined and became head of a research unit within a new company, he asked Chung to become Research Manager.

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Until , she was one of the first to receive a fellowship to spend a sabbatical at a university. She supervised many mathematicians in the unit. According to Chung's words, although people respect her because of the power to make decisions with positions in management, she prefers to be respected because of her achievement in mathematics.

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  • SPECTRAL GRAPH THEORY (CBMS Regional Conference Series in Mathematics 92).

Since then, she has returned to the academic world. Fan Chung's first marriage ended in divorce in However, when she worked at Bell Laboratories , she met Ronald Graham. During that time, they became close friends and published many joint papers in graph theory, eventually marrying in Among Fan Chung's publications, her contributions to spectral graph theory are important to this area of graph theory.

From the first publications about undirected graphs to recent publications about the directed graphs, Fan Chung creates the solid base in the spectral graph theory to the future graph theorist. Spectral graph theory, as one of the most important theories in graph theory, combines the algebra and graph perfectly. Historically, algebraic methods treat many types of graphs efficiently. Her work initiated a geometric approach to spectral graph theory with connections to differential geometry. According to the biography Fan Rong K Chung Graham , " Spectral graph theory studies how the spectrum of the Laplacian of a graph is related to its combinatorial properties.

This book became a standard textbook at many universities and is the key to study Spectral graph theory for many mathematics students who are interested in this area. Fan Chung's work in random graph models shed new lights on the field of network science. Fan Chung's work in the Chung-Lu model, pioneered the theory of treating random graphs with arbitrary degree distributions, including the power law graphs. Her work provides a solid framework for quantitative and rigorous analysis for modeling and analyzing large complex networks. It also often serves as a popular benchmark for comparing new graph models in network science.

Fan Chung, together with Ronold Graham and Richard Wilson , introduced a strong notion of equivalence among graph properties through the control of error bounds and developed the theory of quasi-random graphs.

In a series of research papers with several coauthors , she showed that a large family of graph properties is equivalent in the sense that if a graph satisfies any one of the properties, it must satisfy all of them. Publication Month and Year: Copyright Year: Page Count: Cover Type: Softcover. Print ISBN Online ISBN Print ISSN: Online ISSN: Primary MSC: Applied Math?

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