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Tutorials: Fridays p. All about this course PDF. Apostol, Mathematical Analysis , 2nd Ediition, Narosa, Syllabus tentative: the list below will grow as the semester progresses. Your lecture notes will cover all the material except for those results assigned for self-study in the syllabus. The occasional chapter references below are to a more extensive treatment of the topic in question and indicate the primary source of the material presented in the lectures.

The natural numbers, Peano's axioms, mathematical induction, Peano arithmetic. Aspects of the theory of sets, the axioms of specification and union, De Morgan's laws. Two-fold cartesian products, relations and functions, equivalence relations. The rational numbers, fields, ordered fields and the "usual order" on the rationals. The treatment of the above topics follows, although selectively, that of Chapters 1—4 of Tao's Analysis 1 Dedekind cuts, construction of the real line Chapter 1: Appendix of Rudin's Principles.

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The Archimedean property of the real line. Metric spaces, open and closed sets in metric spaces and associated concepts. Closure and interior of a set in a metric space, and their relative analogues. Compact metric spaces Chapter 2 of Rudin's Principles. The characterisation of compact subsets of Euclidean spaces.

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Properties of compact subsets of a metric space, the Cantor set. Cauchy sequences, the definition of completeness, completeness of the real line. Topics listed up to this point comprise the syllabus of the mid-term examination. They will also be a part of the syllabus of the final examination. The extended real number system, limits at infinity, upper and lower limits i.

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Infinite series and their convergence, criteria for convergence. Convergence tests for non-negative series, criterion for summability of the series of p th powers. Absolute convergence, the Ratio and Root Tests, convergence tests for non-negative series as tests for absolute convergence, conditional convergence. In addition, the principal investigators will study L-p estimates with gain for the d-bar Neumann problem on domains of finite type. Here, they will build on new insight gained from recent work concerning nonsmooth domains of finite type.

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These investigations are also of interest from the point of view of the Kaehler geometry associated with the Bergman kernel of a domain. In addition to their intrinsic significance, Bergman-like kernels play a prominent role in a quantization scheme --Berezin quantization -- that has recently attracted much attention from both mathematicians and physicists.

While intrinsically motivated, these questions have intimate connections to control engineering.

A Function Algebra Providing New Mergelyan Type Theorems in Several Complex Variables

The study of analysis in several complex variables can be motivated by the centrality of the subject within mathematics thus making it essential, in the long term, for the well-being of the scientific and technological enterprise or through a more direct appeal to its usefulness.

For example, one of the basic laws of nature, causality, when transcribed via a mathematical device called the Fourier transform, immediately gives rise to analytic functions of several in this case four complex variables. Likewise, as indicated above, the work in this project will impact not only the core areas of several complex variables and partial differential equations, but also other areas of science through connections to operator theory, to mathematical physics, and to control engineering.

Finally, the project will contribute significantly to human resources development in mathematics. Boas and Emil J. Harold P.

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Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Properties of Bernstein functions of several complex variables. Authors Authors and affiliations A. Article First Online: 02 March This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

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Berg, J. Christensen, and P. Ressel, Harmonic Analysis on Semigroups. Texts in Math.

Springer-Verlag, Berlin, , Vol.