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This shouldn't be a total shock to longtime fans of the show. Before Black Mirro r was on Netflix, it was a Channel 4 show in the UK, and for its first two seasons, there were only three episodes released in weekly installments plus the Jon Hamm-starring Christmas special.

Pep Guardiola happy to start season with only three centre-backs

So it's not like a three-episode season is unheard of for Black Mirror ; it's just that we've come to expect more. The police comedy doesn't sound very Black Mirror -esque, but Brooker wrote six of its episodes and his co-showrunner, Annabel Jones, was an executive producer, so it's from a similar creative team.

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Along with Black Mirror , other Brooker shows have suffered due to his schedule. Brooker recently told The Independent that his satirical news show Wipe will not have a yearly review in because he's "too busy. Jones told the New Statesmen , "It would be nice to do more , as there are certainly more ideas," but she didn't confirm a Season 6. As fans might feel like they've been cheated out of three episodes, there will hopefully be a Season 6 down the line. It was done. And that was OK.

13 reasons why some TV shows should only last one season

And yet, the series returned for a second season that serves little to no creative purpose, rewriting some of what we knew in Season 1 and adding a gratuitous rape scene to court yet more controversy. And it's not the only show doing this. More: Review: '13 Reasons Why' is even more insufferable in Season 2.

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  4. TV has a problem with endings. And I'm not talking about the shows that are canceled too soon although there are plenty or the ones that limp along for a few more seasons than they should there are plenty of those, too. This isn't a new problem.

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    The Killing. Prison Break.

    the season is only starting

    The trouble with following up something great with something mediocre is that we have such short memories.