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Explores how and why for many peoples, at many times, citizenship did not confer equal rights to all.

Basic introductory course for sequence of lecture courses and seminars in African American history. Major themes include imperialism, labor migration, racism, community formation, and resistance.

5. The Southern Colonies

Considers economic and technological change; politics and government; city planning and landscaping design; migration and immigration, race, gender, and class; suburbanization; popular culture; and natural environments and natural disasters. Topics include the peopling of the Americas; early encounters and exchanges; and strategies American Indians used to confront expanding European, American, and indigenous powers.

Offered: jointly with AIS Students will explore a range of topics, including settler colonialism, indigenous power, American Indian - US relations, and Native governance and activism. Interaction and tension between need for an effective military force and concept of civilian control of that force. O'Mara Examines the American presidency and those who have occupied it, from George Washington to the current president.

NASH Surveys the relationship between nature and human history, including the impact of the non-human environment on American history and the environmental effects of colonization, urbanization, and consumerism; the cultural construction of nature in different eras and its social implications; the sources and limits of modern environmental politics.

Includes slave life, pro-slavery thought, slave management, representations of slavery then and now, abolitionism, and debates about slavery. Topics include reconstruction, segregation and lynching, immigration and naturalization, imperialism, and movements for social justice.

Don Higginbotham (1931-2008)

How have racial concepts, representations, and practices fundamentally defined power dynamics in American culture? From slave revolts to the Black Lives Matter movement, how have organizations and individuals struggled to pursue racial justice? Primarily for first-year students.

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African American and Anglo American currents and impulses that flowed together in the Roaring Twenties. Covers politics of normalcy, economics of margin, literature of indulgence and confusion, transformation of race relations, and cultural influence of jazz. Explores ethnicity, class, work, family, suffrage, politics, reform, women's groups, arts and entertainment, religion, civilizing and resistance, and gender ideology. Themes include: interactions between Europeans, Africans, and indigenous peoples, regional and economic growth, the development of racial slavery, religious growth, the War of Independence, and the transition from colonies to nationhood.

Offered: A. Reid Examines the historical relationships American Indians have possessed with local environments, with special attention to the ways these peoples have adapted to altered environments and new conditions, including migrations, involvement with markets of exchange, overhunting, dispossession, conservation, and mainstream environmentalism.

Reid Uncovers the indigenous history and environment of the Salish Sea. Examines the "Salish Sea" concept and uncovers the history of the Salish Sea, from an indigenous perspective.


Topics include pre-encounter indigenous settlement; early encounters; and contestations over resources, waters, and lands; contemporary issues. Taught at the Friday Harbor Labs. Offered: jointly with AIS ; Sp. Reid Includes the peopling and settling of North America, arrival and expansion of Europeans; comparative colonial encounters; and initial encroachments of United States people, industry, government, and ideology into the region.

Particular focus on Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

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Issues of scientific attitudes to the natural world, race, ethnicity, and gender are included. Topics include slave trade, middle passage, life in plantation south, culture, family structure and resistance, and the experience of free blacks, North and South.

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Gender and class differences closely examined, as well as such constructs as "community," "race," and "blackness. Emphasis on relations between indigenous peoples and immigrants. Emphasis on relations between Indians and non-Indians, government policies, and Indian strategies of survival. Interrogates political strategies associated with nonviolent direct action, armed self-reliance, and black nationalism, as well as the cultural expression that reflect these political currents.

Integration of immigrant community into general American community; rise of nativism; development of American socialism; World War I and II; and reactions of American Jews to these events. Incorporates film, literature, journalism, social scientific writing, diaries, court cases, and other primary sources to examine how events in Europe affected and were affected by developments in United States history.

O'Mara Places modern America in historical perspective, using primary and secondary historical sources to examine key people and events who made this history from the s to the present.

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